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FINAL EXAM – Monday, May 5th: 3-5pm

  • Will be 50 multiple choice questions
  • Will be about 30% questions from new material
    • Chapters 12, 16, 18, 19
    • Mike McCollough’s lecture on “Buying”
    • Dropped Chapter 10 and 17
  • 70% questions from previous chapters
  • Will have extra credit essay questions
  • TIP: Review EXAMS #1 and #2 to see what you missed

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Moved date of final

Quite a few of you had a conflict with the final exam as it was originally scheduled.

So, in class on 4/10 we made the collective decision to move the final exam to Monday, May 5 from 3-5pm.

If you have any issue with this date let me know immediately so we can make arrangements for you to take the final during the “schedule conflict” time, which ironically is during our originally schedule exam time of Friday, May 9 from 3-5pm.

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An unexpected mandatory meeting has come up this afternoon and I can’t get out of it, so I will have to cancel class for today.

Because of this, we’ll move the “Group Participation” session from 4/22 to today 4/8, and we’ll cover “Chapter 17 – Managing the Store” on 4/22.

These changes are now reflected on the class schedule.

Rather than have a regular class session today I’d suggest you use the time to finalize the rough draft of your Retail Audit. I’ll extend the deadline for this assignment until Thursday, April 10th at the beginning of class.

Feel free to use the classroom space to meet with your group today.

Also, you should plan on meeting with your client sometime April 16-18 (Wed-Fri) next week to review where you’re at and ask them any final questions.

Also, some of you did not turn in Shopping Assignment #2 on Thursday. If you have not sent me this assignment or did not hand me a printed copy, please email me your Shopping Assignment #2 no later than today (April 8th) at 4:45. Any assignments turned in after this time will lose 10 points per day.

If you have any questions about either of these assignments, you can review the Assignments section of the blog or feel free to email me.

Thanks and sorry for the last minute change of plans!

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All –

I’ve posted the Confidentiality Agreement to the Assignments section of the site.

Remember to bring your signed agreement to class on Tuesday, 3/25.

Have a good weekend!

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Blackboard site is up

The Blackboard site for Bus245 has been created.

You should be able to login from the main Blackboard page (https://www.blackboard.uidaho.edu)

I will use this site for our in-class quizzes and to post your grades.

You should receive an email asking you to add this class. Let me know if you have any questions about how to use Blackboard or if you have any difficulty accessing the site.

Assignments, presentations, and class notes will continue to be posted on this site (WordPress).

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In our first class session we will define what retailing is, go over the syllabus, review the requirements for the course, and the discuss the expectations for the semester.

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