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How Zappos became No. 1

An older but very relevant article about Zappos and how they used customer service to rise to the top of the $3 billion online shoe market.

Shoe In – from CNN Money


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Very good article in Business Week. Makes the case that with the decrease in time to market, product innovation no longer offers the sustained competitive advantage it once did.

Identifies experience management as the new way to create this advantage. The W Hotels example from the last class is a good example of a retailer creating value and customer loyalty through the overall experience they create. This is very relevant to our discussions about Branding, Store Design and Customer Service.

It’s All About Experience – Business Week

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I posted this a while back in a different section of the site, but wanted to move it up to the main page so it didn’t get lost.

This is an article from Business Week about the challenges of recruiting the new generation of graduates and is relevant to both our discussion about Human Resources Management and your Retail Audit project.

Netting the Net Generation – Business Week

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Good article on a strategic plan being implemented by Talbot’s.

Talbot’s Unveils Turnaround Plan – Wall Street Journal

Provides a good example of many of the topics we have discussed in class including: corporate restructuring (HR Management), new store formats (market strategy), store closing (site locations) and changes to their merchandise offering (merchandise assortments.)

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