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I’ve added the function on the Blackboard course site to let you upload the assignment.

Since I didn’t get this up until today, I’ve extended the deadline to tomorrow (Friday, Feb. 1 @ 3:30pm).

Happy “snow day”. See you on Tuesday.


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Presentation (powerpoint) for class #5, covering the remainder of Chapter 3 and the first part of Chapter 4.

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Starbuck online

Before class on Thursday you should check out the Starbucks site.


How does the experience in the online channel compare to the store experience?

How are they leveraging the strengths of this channel?

  • Broader Selection
  • More Information to Evaluate Merchandise
  • Personalization
  • Selling Merchandise with “Touch and Feel” Attributes

Do they address any risks online shoppers may have?

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Blackboard site is up

The Blackboard site for Bus245 has been created.

You should be able to login from the main Blackboard page (https://www.blackboard.uidaho.edu)

I will use this site for our in-class quizzes and to post your grades.

You should receive an email asking you to add this class. Let me know if you have any questions about how to use Blackboard or if you have any difficulty accessing the site.

Assignments, presentations, and class notes will continue to be posted on this site (WordPress).

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